Out Of The Boreal Forest of Northern Manitoba Comes....

  JoJo and Nicholas (a rescue dog) paddling through the wild rice fields in Northern Manitoba


 Welcome to the Boreal Forests.  The Boreal Forests form a ring around the Northern Hemisphere of the earth.  These forests cover huge areas of North America, Europe, and Asia growing just below the Arctic Circle. The Boreal Forests support many ecosystems helping to control our climate, producing clean air, and purifying our water.  The forests support millions of species of animals, plants, and insects native to this land. 





My story begins in the Boreal Forest of Northern Manitoba.  I live in Flin Flon Manitoba and have spent over three decades of my life living within the Boreal Forest.  I developed a deep respect for this vast wilderness while canoeing, fishing, and operating a fly-in fishing camp on Pistol Lake.  I lived among the forest animals for many years, observing their eating habits.  I watched the animals thrive on the natural vegetation produced within their forest.


Over the years, I slowly changed my eating habits by consuming more of the natural foods found within the Boreal Forest.  This change in my eating habits improved my overall health and increased my energy levels.  I guess you could say that the forest taught me how to eat natural, nutritious foods.  I decided to share the teachings of the Boreal Forest with the rest of the world by trying to develop a healthy nutrition bar using ingredients from the forest.


I love to cook, so I began experimenting with ingredients I found in the forest.  For the past four years I have been working on the Bushman's Bar using natural ingredients found within the Boreal Forest.  With the help of food scientists at the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Center, and funding support from the Saskatchewan Agri-Value Initiative and the Great Manitoba Food Fight, Dr. Karen Pain and I now have a gluten-free nutrition bar that is Wildly Nutritious and Berry Delicious.


I hope you get the opportunity to taste The Bushman's Bar, it is a true taste of the Canadian North.


JoJo Cormier

June 1, 2013