"Thank you very much for the bar samples you shared with me.  I tried one today and must say I was very impressed!  I really enjoyed the product.  The bar itself has an inviting fruity aroma. The colour and texture is visually appealing.  To me, visually it looks like a brownie, especially once I bite into it and see the little pieces that look like nuts.  The taste was excellent and I enjoyed the texture and the surprise of flavours and textures in every bite.  The size of the texture items in the bar were just right.  The after taste in my mouth was pleasant and retained the fruitiness.  I am truly impressed in every way possible with this product.  The product certainly lives up to the promise of being "berry delicious".  Each bite left me wanting more...the true sign of a great product!  Congratulations on formulating such an excellent product!"

     (Jeff Fidyk, Business Development Specialist - Consumer Trends, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives)



"All I want is one bar a day for the rest of my life.  Is that too much to ask"?

           (Jeff Willerton, Airdrie Alberta, author of "Fix Canada" now in its 12th edition)



"This bar tastes very good, the instant spurt of berry flavour is a wonderful surprise.  The Bushman's Bar gives me the staying power I need when hiking and climbing.  The ingredients in The Bushman's Bar are very appealing to hikers/climbers offering sustained energy in only a few bites".

              (Ken Hodgins, Port Moody B.C., hiker and climber)



This wild rice berry bar tastes excellent, a rare find.  I have had multiple Bushman Bars, and I enjoy them most after a hard workout or first thing in the morning as they boost energy.  Thanks Jo-Jo, and keep up the great product!

            (Chris Dunlop, AMC Mining)


Your bars are a winner.  The texture is perfect in my opinion, they are not too sweet but still taste great.  They are not too sticky and most of all they are not dry, I love that!  I use them as a satisfying meal. I would not hesitate to eat the bars for all meals during my typical weekend camping trips.  They tasted so great with coffee in the morning.  I would also add a few slices to yogurt for lunch while at work- I bet I could find many other ways to enjoy them!

           (Elaine Mahoney, Denver CO - loves hiking and camping)



This new bar is really very nice, I was quite surprised.  Very delicious, I would buy this bar!

            (Barb MacLeod, Culinary Institute of Canada, Holland College, Charlottetown, PEI)


After you gave me the sample bar I immediately looked at the ingredients searching for the "ites", sulfites, nitrites, artificial colours, etc.  as I get ill from these and try to avoid them.  Imagine my surprise when I couldn't find any!  Lovely!  And the taste was wonderful, not too sweet, not overly crunchy, each bite a new taste of berry goodness.  Thanks so much and I will definitely recommend them!

     (Linda Poole, Veteran's Memorial Building, Halifax Nova Scotia)


This bar is very good!  I've eaten many bars, and this one is by far the best.  It sustained us for hours, and the taste of fruit is awesome.  It's moist, goes down very quickly, and the texture and taste have got all the others beat for sure, not to mention the gluten-free aspect.  Let us know when it is for sale, I have many friends who are gluten-free eaters, and I am sure they will want some also.  Keep up the good work, love it, for sure.  Congratulations!

        (Jim and Lella Binns, Esterhazy, Saskatchewan)


 Really enjoyed The Bushman's the spike of flavour with the blueberries!  It is a quick, easy and satisfying snack.

     (Monica, Esterhazy Saskatchewan)


"You stopped today and gave my friend and I two of your bars (Shubenacadie area).  They were delicious.  I have been looking for gluten free and natural sugars used in an energy bar.  I went to my gym later that morning and gave the manager a bite of my bar (I only wanted to share a small bite), she also thought it was delicious.  She said she would be interested in trying to sell a box at the gym and see how they do, if possible.  If they did good, she would definitely buy more.  She has several people who joined the gym that are gluten free and it would be great for them.  Also I would be interested in purchasing your bars.  Thanks so much.  It was greatly appreciated.  After our run we were starving and your bar was great.  Looking forward to the growth of your company".

     (Sharlene MacKay, Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia)



"I met you at the Celiac event in Mississauga.  This is the best nutrition bar I have ever tasted.  Let me know when I can buy it."

      (Brian McAndrew, Mississauga, Ontario)



"Hi, I was the crazy lady that was running on a too hot morning in Truro and gave you directions.  I wanted to let you know that the bar was shared by my family and the reviews were Yummy (I was impressed that the bar didn't melt like I did).  I wish you all the best in your business.  I love the fact that your product is gluten free.  It is great to see people caring about their health and people like you who want to help them reach their goal.  Thanks so much for sharing the bar!"

     (Michelle Wood, Truro Nova Scotia - sells Isagenix Health Products)



"You must tell JoJo that he saved my life the other day.  As I fought my way through the wilderness that lies from school-to-school... hungry, penniless (because my kids had taken my cash and my husband had taken my bank card) I found a Bushman's Bar in my bag and it provided the sustenance I needed to get through the whole day.  It was delicious!"

     (Maxine Mutcher, School Psychologist and SuperMom, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba)


 While working a shift at a gas station in Truro Nova Scotia, I was given a sample of The Bushman's Bar.  I was asked to provide some feedback about the bar.  Compared to other energy/nutrition bars on the market, this one tops them all!  The flavour was good.  A lot of the bars I have tried have always tasted artificial and full of chemicals.  Most times they don't agree with me very well.  While eating The Bushman's Bar, I could detect no hints of chemical or artificial flavour and it didn't turn my guts inside out.  A very natural tasting product.  The energy and satisfaction provided by the bar was very good.  I ate it a couple of hours before I had to do some work outside, and it was a very hot day.  I did five hours of mowing, and I had plenty of energy to spare.  I have a very high metabolism, so anytime I eat a meal I am usually hungry within 1-2 hours.  This bar seems to stick to my guts and provided me with the fuel to keep on going for hours.  Thank you very much for the sample.  If I ever see your product on a shelf I will buy it.

        (Jeff Mason, Truro Nova Scotia)


October 5, 2013  Manitoba Celiac Association Chapter Meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba

These are some of the comments made by members of the Manitoba Celiac Association who sampled The Bushman's Bar and completed our Marketing Survey.

     -I love the berry taste, great berry flavour

     -There is something nice in the bar's ingredients that "explodes" in your

      mouth after you have chewed on the bar for awhile -- very nice!

     -Congratulations, this bar is great!

     -This is so good!  Please hurry and put it online for sale!